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Here are a few things to help you live a healthy and financially free life!

Quick, Easy Steps to a Better Life

Financial Well Being

96% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, yet we work harder than most people. Many of us are scrambling to get ahead much less save for retirement. I have worked for years and now that my kids are grown, there is very little left for me. I had to change that. Learn more about ways to improve the financial health of your life along with me as I work to improve mine.

Healthy Living

We may try to eat healthy, get rest and be active but how can we keep up with all the toxins and bad things that are in products we use everyday?  Easy. Knowledge is power. I had no idea how harmful the products I bought everyday were to me and my family. I share what I have learned about being healthier by taking small steps.

Discover 10 ways to make extra money!

The average American wastes 5 hours per day watching TV. Imagine spending a fraction of that time to make additional money stress free and get closer to that retirement goal.  To learn how, click the purple box below!