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Hi there, my name is Lorie Durfee and I want to welcome you to my site. It’s great to meet you!

I created this page so that I can provide you with valuable information and content about living a healthier lifestyle.  After all, a healthier lifestyle leads to looking and feeling younger, having more energy to do all the things we want, and less visits to the doctor.  You will find information on how to live an Extraordinary lifestyle no matter how old you are. We live in a very toxic world my friend.  My goal is to help improve your life by showing you how to rid yourself of the chemicals we ingest each day and to eliminate nutritional deficiencies in our diets. We all deserve to live a fabulous life , and we deserve to retire in good health when we want to, without worries about whether we have enough money for our healthcare. I would love to have you join me in my journey to living a healthier, richer retirement.

lorie durfee

About Me and My Career

 I have been married for more than 28 years, I’m a mother of three wonderful children, all in their 20’s, I work as an accountant at a small local company, and I have a home  based business.   

Before my third child was born, my husband and I decided that it was time for me to stay home with the children, and quit my full-time job.  We both knew that with three children our quality of life, if both of us worked full-time, would be less than ideal.  So I was a stay at home mom for about 5 years.  Then In 2000 I went back to working outside of the home, part-time and eventually full time in 2006.  In 2008 I found my current job in a small family-oriented company.  

My Journey to a  Healthy Retirement

 During my time at my current employer, I teamed up with a few co-workers that are striving to live a better, healthier life. We share information about what we have learned in regards to different ways to eat (in order to lose weight), we exercise together (when time permits) and sometimes cook for each other (we have a full kitchen in our office). I have learned so much about nutrition from reading books, taking classes and talking with nutritionists and homeopaths.  I am so eager to start teaching others how to live healthier so they can feel better, have more energy and live longer. But I realized that there is an even bigger problem in our society.   People are retiring with little to no savings and having to get a part time job just to make ends meet!  Most of the time they are working longer because they can't afford their medical bills.  I don't think this is anyway to live? Do you?  I want to change that.  Stick with me and I will show you that there is a better way!  

My Life Now

Last year a very good friend of mine asked me to take a leap and start our own business. She was so passionate about the products and the potential income we would receive, that I had to take a look at the opportunity. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to start a new business, even though I had been feeling like something was missing in my life, and I did have some extra time on my hands.  After a lot of thinking and pondering, I realized what better way to help others than to show them a way to retire healthier.  We have had so much fun learning, traveling together and helping others.

I don't have a lot of free time YET, as I’m still working full-time and now part-time with the new biz.  As I look forward to retiring from my full-time job, I am making money and saving like crazy so my husband and I can travel while we are still young!

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